The elegant lines and poetic look of a tidewater tent provide a perfect setting for your special event. Inspired by the sculpted peaks and waves of the ocean, its design creates an open, airy venue. The translucence of the sail cloth fabric richly enhances the daytime events with natural and warm light. During the day time, sail cloth tents filter sunlight for a well shaded area. At night, a magical atmosphere can be created with the right lighting and surround your guests. These tents provide you a venue unlike any others for your guests.

Tidewater tents can be set up anywhere and bring you a coastal theme. Whether on the coast, at a vineyard, or even in your own backyard, you can feel the ocean. Rental tents are an especially cons-effective option, if you have a large backyard. You just rent a tent with some settlements and decorations for at-home wedding receptions, birthday parties, or graduation celebrations. 

Advantages of Tidewater Tents

  • They bring the coastal theme anywhere.
  • Create an elegant and luxurious space for your guests on your special days.
  • They are both perfect for day time and night time celebrations.
  • Much lighter than traditional tents
  • Very easy to transport and set up.
  • The sailcloth fabric is waterproof and resistant to strong winds

Tidewater tents create a fairy tale romance for your special day.