You’ve found your tent supplier, and picked your tent and side walls, now it’s time to make an entrance.

Double hard doors in a tent are a great way to create a stunning entry point for any event.

They can be installed easily,  so you can focus on the event itself. 

 This post will cover/discuss  the benefits of using double doors for your tented event.

Elevation tent rentals - outdoor tent -double hard doors



Maybe this is a bit self-explanatory, but let’s define what we mean:

Hard double doors in a tent refer to a type of tent that has two solid doors made of sturdy materials such as glass, metal, plastic and vinyl. Adding these types of doors to your tent will increase the overall rental cost, however the finished look is well worth the added cost.


•  Maintain Comfortable Interior Temperature

Tents with double hard doors are designed to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, providing superior insulation and blocking out harsh weather conditions, like strong winds, heavy rain, or snow.If you want your tent’s interior space protected from the elements then installing double hard doors is recommended as an alternative to canvas doors.

•  Greater Functionality

Hard double doors are easier to manage/use compared to thetraditional soft zipper doors, which can get caught in the wind or on other objects.

•  Better control of guest flow

Tents with double hard doors offer several advantages for those who want better control overhow people enter and exit the tent.

•  Elegance

Tents with double hard doors can adda sleek and modern look that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your event.The hard doors are designed to fit seamlessly into the tent’s structure, creating a cohesive and polished look, while offering both style and functionality


Glad you asked! 

Elevation Tent Rentals  provides three styles of double hard doors, including glass, steel, and double vinyl doors, which we feel can enhance any event.

All three of these options will work with both frame and clear span tents. If you are unsure of the difference, make sure you check out our previous blog post on  Frame Tents vs Clear Span Tents.

•  Glass Doors

The glass doors provide that high-end look that can add to the overall appearance of your tent and are perfect for festivals, special events, or construction storage.The doors are typically made of tempered glass, which is strong and durable, while also offering excellent insulation and soundproofing.

Elevation tent rentals - Glass Door
Glass Door

The glass doors also allow for natural light to enter the tent, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for events and gatherings.

Elevation tent rentals -outdoor tent double hard door - glass and steel door
Outdoor tent double hard door – Glass & Steel Doors

•  Steel Doors

These doors are made of high-quality steel, which makes them extremely durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.They also provide excellent insulation, which helps to regulate the temperature inside the tent and keep it comfortable for guests. 

Elevation tent rentals -outdoor tent - double glass steel doors
Double Glass Steel Doors

The steel doors are also designed to seal tightly, preventing drafts and air leaks, which can further enhance the insulation and temperature control of the tent.

Elevation tent rentals -outdoor construction tent double hard door - glass and steel door
Outdoor Construction Tent Double Hard Door – Glass & Steel Doors

In addition to their functionality, steel doors have a polished and sophisticated appearance that can complement any event theme or decor and just like glass doors, they can be used for festivals, special events, or construction storage. 

•  Double Vinyl Doors

Tents with double vinyl doors are one of the best ways to improve your tent’s style and function.While many event tents don’t use  double doors, this style of door is lighter than the other examples highlighted in this piece, therefore making a more suitable option for short term events.

Elevation tent rentals - outdoor tent at PNE with double hard door - Double vinyl door
Outdoor Tent at PNE with Double Hard Door – Double Vinyl Door
Kedered walls and double doors_Aquarium_Vancouver
Kedered walls and double Vinyl doors_Aquarium_Vancouver


In this post, we have discussed the various benefits and options of using double hard doors for your tent rental. They provide increased protection against the elements, greater privacy, and convenience, and make your event more accessible to everyone.Do you need a little help at that first initial stage of picking the right company to supply your tent? Why not take a look at our post on “ 5 Keys To Choose A Reliable Event Tent Rental Supplier ”? You will find a lot of useful tips to make your event shine!