What Are Damage Waiver Fees?

Damage waiver fees are a common charge that rental companies may add to the cost of renting breakable equipment such as glassware, linens, and maybe even AV equipment. These fees are meant to cover the cost of any damage that may occur to the breakable rental equipment while it is in your possession.

While it may seem like a good idea to pay for the damage waiver in case something happens, there are some reasons why you may want to reconsider.

Why You Should Not Be Charged:

1. Damager waiver fees are not insurance.

It is important to note that damage waiver fees are not insurance. They are a fee that rental companies charge to reduce their financial risk.

Even if you pay for the damage waiver, you may still be responsible for any damage that occurs to the equipment. This means that you could end up paying for the damage twice: once through the damage waiver fee and again for the actual cost of the damage.

2. It’s rare for a tent rental to include a damage waiver fee.

It is quite rare and unethical for a damage waiver fee to be charged to a client on a typical event tent rental.

We should also mention that when looking at a quote from a tent rental company that has included such a fee, the damage waiver fee can be a significant percentage of the overall rental cost. If you are renting multiple pieces of equipment, the total cost of the damage waiver fees can be substantial.

3. Review your current insurance coverage.

If you have existing insurance that covers rented equipment, you may not need to pay for the damage waiver fee. Many events and/or even homeowner insurance policies include coverage for rented equipment. Before renting any equipment, you should check your insurance policy to see if you are already covered.


Paying for damage waiver fees on event tent rentals may not be necessary or cost-effective.

You should carefully consider the potential risks and costs before deciding whether or not to pay for the waiver and in return partnering with a company that charges such a fee.